The 666th Covert Operations Arm has been gathering intelligence in the X-BTF universe for some months now. We are building a tactical database of information gathered from a variety of sources including Teladi Navigation Systems, Visual Recon, the extensive PDF Chart Set by 'BTB' as well as general scuttlebuzz from across the known systems.


Our chief operative in the X universe, wraith0x92a, has been taking time out for some serious work for our legitimate front companies. However, the Strategic Resources have been updated for the latest browsers and all links have been updated and any broken links, erroneous data or missing content we are made aware of will be fixed.

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 Chart of All Systems

This chart shows the location and primary race of each system, it's major installations and the gates between them. All known systems are shown.

Each system on the main chart is linked to a full tactical and economic report on the system. The information currently includes a system map, names of all installations and products for sale and tactical / commercial intelligence.

 Offline Version

The entire Strategic Resources can be downloaded for use off-line. You will need a program that can decompress Zip files such as WinZip. The resources decompress into a directory called X-BTF\ and can be accessed by opening the index.html file in that directory with a web browser.
Our FTP server supports the resumption of interrupted downloads.

 Spies Required for Black-Ops

Our tactical agents request your aid in building a comprehensive survival guide for all human pilots in the X-Universe. Please direct any intelligence reports, surveilence footage, comments, corrections or tactical information to covert.ops@hadez.org.

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